Introductory offers

retriever photo

The new spa will be opening in February 2019 and there will be an introductory offer of £5 off every full groom for new customers (see below). Please use this opportunity to try the new, purpose-built facility. I am fully insured and city and guilds trained to level 3. All shampoos and products used are high quality and selected especially for your dogs coat and skin type. Every full groom includes a free blueberry and vanilla facial (see below)

Grooming services

Full body groom

Brush/De-Shed, Bath (two shampoos, and conditioner if necessary), Fluff-dry, Coat style (clip, scissor cut), Nail trim, Ear clean/pluck if necessary, Blueberry and vanilla facial.

Small breeds £25+

Medium breeds £30+

Large breeds £35+

(New clients small breeds £20, medium breeds £25, large breeds £30)

Mini Groom

Available in between full grooms, and if the coat is well maintained.

brush, bath (two shampoos, and conditioner if necessary), fluff dry, face and foot trim, nail trim, ear clean/pluck.

Small breeds £15+

Medium breeds £20+

Large breeds £25+

Wash and fluff-dry

Small breeds £15+

Medium breeds £20+

Large breeds £25+


Available as part of any of the above treatments, and done as standard where applicable.

Spa treatments

Blueberry and vanilla spa facial – Free with every full groom

‘Tropiclean spa facial cleanser’ effectively removes dirt, helps eliminate tear stains and will not sting the eyes. A mild, lightly foaming facial cleanser which has natural exfoliating activity and is slightly hydrating.

Mineral dead sea mud bath – £5

‘Vivog Terra Beaute Dead Sea Mud Bath’ restores the coats natural beauty while de-stressing the pet. Hypo-allergenic with essential oils and minerals to repel ticks and fleas, strengthen the skins immune system, prevent broken hairs, help with blood circulation and eliminate impurities and toxins. A deep cleaning experience leaving a long lasting fragrance. A fantastic option for dogs with skin problems as it relieves irritation.

Paw Balm – £1

Wild wash healing paw balm application to pads and nails, ideal for cracked, dry and rough paws to protect them from wear and tear and extreme weather conditions. With sweet almond oil, fankincense, lavander  and kanuka this is 100% natural and safe for your dog to lick.

Puppy grooming session

collie puppy

All puppies under 16 weeks are eligible for a complimentary, introductory mini groom. This is a good opportunity to become familiar with the grooming process, as part of early socialization. This includes a wash and fluff dry, but not styling. We aim to keep the visit fun and avoid stress using positive rewards for good behaviour with lots of praise! This will make grooming your companion an easy process in the future, keep their coat healthy and hygienic, which in turn will keep your home clean and fresh.